Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Must Know List for Buying Mobile homes Columbia

mobile homes columbia
Generally when we are looking to buy our own dream homes for the first time, we are under an impression that there are just site built homes but trust the world, there are many more if you have time to explore, be patient and get something really creative and good for your family. Apart from the regular homes which have always attracted the people, there are some other kinds which should be given a though atleast, and these are mobile homes.

If you are considering to buy a mobile home in Columbia, then here is your “guide”.

1.Generally mobile homes are put on sale either double wide or single wide units. The double wide ones have width almost equal to 2 single wide mobile homes combined which means that the mobile homes look like they are standard family houses. The single wide homes have very narrow frame with rooms generally linked to each other opposite to being segmented by hallways. There are many other kinds of mobile homes, so just consider the one you want to buy.

2.Ascertain the location where you wish placing your Mobile homes Columbia. Ascertain the ways of financing the purchase. The financing is little different from the standard homes. You can’t get financing done through private lender so opt for getting it financed via credit union or mobile home sales company. If you are applying for loans backed by government, make sure that you buy original set of mobile homes.

3.Though such homes cost you less any conventional home, yet the loan for such home might come with reduced down payment. There are many traditional loan programs which have minimum down payment of just 5%. Now as the lenders see mobile homes as one big risk, the interest rate for such homes is high.

Considering all these points for buying a mobile home in Columbia would certainly be helpful.