Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The inclined trend towards manufactured homes for sale

Dear friends, not all houses are constructed from ground up. If you have been Mrs. Piggle Wiggle fan during your childhood, then you will know that there are some homes which are constructed from the roof up rather. Well jokes aside, there are truly more ways through which we can build homes. Have you ever noticed a house going all way down the freeway on one flatbed truck? Let us talk about different kinds of home which you can see zooming around the freeway. There are mainly two kinds of homes about which we shall discuss today: modular and manufactured homes for sale in your city.

Modular Homes: Such homes are constructed in factory and then are shipped to the respective homeowner’s lot, where all pieces are merged together post being placed on a foundation. This process completes your home construction. Like other conventional homes, modular houses are based on permanent foundations and very often they have complete basements. Modular homes come in different designs and layouts – sprawling ranch/cape and 2-story colonial.

Manufactured Homes: Such homes are at times also called mobile homes or trailers. Such homes are constructed completely in a factory while are built on steel, fixed and permanent chassis. These houses can also be constructed with different architectural layouts, styles like porches and decks. Such homes can have wheels which are removed post it is towed. These homes don’t have basement. Such houses are becoming more popular since they can be moved from one location to another. This leads to increased mobile homes for sale SC.

Such manufactured homes must meet the regulations set by the US Department of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Code, which mandates that the construction of such homes should be on fixed or permanent chassis. If you are looking to buy brand new home, then just save some money and get a manufactured home soon.